George Kittle Confided In Kyle Shanahan's Wife.....He Probably Shouldn't Have

George Kittle is one of, if not the best tight end in football. The 49ers obviously love having him on their team because he's a phenomenal football player, but also because of his team-friendly contract:

Kittle is currently the 23rd highest-paid TE in the NFL heading into his final season on his rookie contract. The value he presents to the 49ers is massive.

The 49ers TE definitely is looking forward to getting paid. I'm not breaking any news here, but he deserves it. Contract negotiations are a part of the game and players have to maintain their leverage. In his ongoing quest to get a new contract, Kittle may have made a mistake in his ongoing negotiations:

SOURCE-George Kittle needs to learn the first rule of negotiation: Never show your cards, especially to your coach’s wife.

The 49ers tight end was in Cabo San Lucas along with 49ers teammates Nick Mullens, Trent Taylor, Levine Toilolo and head coach Kyle Shanahan when he confided in Shanahan’s wife, Mandy.

“He told my wife how much he liked it here [with the 49ers],” Kyle Shanahan said via The Athletic. “He told my wife to promise not to tell me.”

Naturally, Mandy spilled the tea to her husband.

“After he was gone, she told me,” Shanahan said. “She’s my wife.”

First off, shout out to Kyle Shanahan's wife for being a ride or die. She knew what she had to do when Kittle told her his thoughts on playing for the 49ers. 

Will all of this matter? Probably not. Kittle is going to get paid either way. Whether it will be with the 49ers or not won't come down to a drunk conversation he had with the coaches wife.