The New York Post Should Be Absolutely Embarrassed And Ashamed For Their Latest Pete Davidson Article

Here's the thing about reporters- they have a job to do. The good ones don't get in the way of the facts. They simply cover the story and move on. No opinions, no sensationalism, no misleading titles. Just. facts. Unfortunately, not all reporters operate that way. A lot of them will stretch the truth by claiming that a single person holds the opinion of many. They'll say things like "sparks outrage" or "angers *insert group of people here*" as a way to get people to read whatever it is they wrote. The latest article from The New York Post is a prime example of that: 

They took the opinion of ONE person who happened to have a viral twitter thread...

Source - In a viral thread on Twitter, writer Jill Gutowitz called the joke “extremely damaging.”

“Did straight men literally invent this stereotype of gay men with grab hands?” she asks

…and applied it to everyone. Who if I could talk to right now I would BEG to stop 'defending' gay men from JOKES that she deems 'damaging.' I'm sure her heart was in the right place, but just reading those tweets made me want to crawl out of my skin. Especially after watching the actual joke…


The craziest part is that even after she got ripped in her mentions and acknowledged that her tweet may have been a bit much, The Post ran their article anyway. 13 DAYS after the tweets were published mind you.

Which brings me to my final point: funny people should be left to try and be funny. Patrice O'Neal famously said that during a Fox News interview in the mid 2000s and it's stuck with me ever since. Leave comedians alone. Even if you don't agree with what they say, leave them alone. As an unfunny person, your opinion does not matter when it comes to comedy. And when news outlets like The Post try to drum of controversy with headlines like "Sparks Outrage" it makes the problem worse. No one is outraged. One person tweeted something and everyone else laughed. Those who didn't think it was funny didn't. End of story.