Joseph Benavidez Is Fighting For UFC Gold On Saturday And I Can’t Wait

Joseph Benavidez is one of my favorite people I've ever met through this job. 

I don't even remember exactly how or when our first interactions came about, but Megan Olivi, Joe's wife, was the link, and we made a few silly little videos a few years back...

...but since then, Joe and Megan have been amazing friends to me. They support me like I'm family, they watch Pup Punk videos the moment they drop, they're always around for advice, or career help, or decision making, or whatever - and they're always down to talk about movies, music, and fights, so we get along pretty damn well! They are the BEST.

We've even done some podcasts together available in the My Mom's Basement archive.


Now, I'm not telling you all of this to just namedrop and be like, "I'm friends with cool people!", but instead to try to give you my own first hand account of what an awesome and likable dude Joseph Benavidez is, which should come as no surprise. 

Outside of "Triple C" himself, Henry Cejudo, I don't think you'd find a single soul in the UFC who didn't like Benavidez - or Olivi!!! Joe's an OG, he's been around forever, he's an incredibly well-rounded killer in the cage (and an exciting one at that) and undoubtedly in the conversation of the best fighters in history never to win a championship. On Saturday night, however, that changes…

Joe will be taking on Deiveson Figueiredo for the vacant UFC Flyweight Championship in Norfolk, Virginia - his first crack at the title in seven years  - coming shortly after he beat the "Champ" anyway…

…and folks: he'll be taking this one home. 

Joe's been on an unbelievable tear recently where he's truly looked better than ever, putting up finishes and bonuses left and right…

…and he's so god damn locked in for this fight, I can feel the win in my bones! 

When it happens, it'll be one of the best feel-good moments in the recent history of the sport, and I think you'll get a real sense of that on social media when every fighter on the roster is congratulating Joe afterwards and longtime fans of mixed martial arts are going nuts. Everyone wants this to happen, and everyone has Joe's back. It's so friggin cool.

I'll be there to show support, so if you're in Norfolk and see me in the arena on Saturday, come say hey! If I look like a nervous ball of anxiety the whole time, it's because I am one. Oh, and if you SUBSCRIBE to My Mom's Basement now, you'll be among the first to get this week's FRIDAY BONUS EPISODE with Joe and Megan! 

Please do that! It was a fun chat as always.