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Reader Email - Here is The Definitive Guide To All Davey Pageviews Pizza Reviews



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Reader Email

Mr. Portnoy,

Your pizza reviews have been enjoyable. Sorry to hear about your current crisis.

As a side project these past couple of weeks I decided to make a chart of all your reviews and see how they compare.

I’m hoping this will help you on your guide as well as serve as a resource for others to know where to go for the best pizza.

Hopefully I didn’t miss any and hope you don’t mind me using Barstool’s content.

Keep on reviewing, I’ll keep adding them up on the page.



Barstool Pizza Review



I don’t want to say this kid just did God’s work but he kind of did.  This is one of those things that I’m not even sure how people survived without it. Well done indeed! (No pun intended but intended)