Scott Boras Is Creating An Internship For John Altobelli's Daughter After Rob Pelinka Said Kobe Texted Him The Morning Of The Crash

[Source] - Baseball agent Scott Boras told the Los Angeles Times he will honor Kobe Bryant’s wishes and create an internship for the late John Altobelli’s surviving 16-year-old daughter, Alexis.

Bryant wanted to be a character reference for her.

Boras has been in contact with J.J. and will create a position for Alexis, who will be able to rotate through the company’s various departments, including marketing, baseball operations, sports science and office administration.

Just wanted to put something together quick here because shout out Scott Boras. I know if you're a fan of a team and you hear Boras is negotiating a contract, you're probably terrified. But, this is an awesome move by Boras. 

Pelinka shared the story during Monday's memorial for Kobe and Gianna Bryant. Kobe was texting him from the helicopter about trying to set up a meeting with Boras to help out John Altobelli - a baseball coach at Orange County College in California for 27 years - and his daughter, Alexis. It should be mentioned that also on board with Kobe, Gianna and John were his wife and daughter - Keri and Alyssa. 

I can't even fathom what Alexis Altobelli is going through. No one - especially a 16-year old - should have to deal with losing your family like this. I have no idea how you go about each day trying to pretend like everything is okay. So as we move on from the sadness of it all and more into the celebration of the lives lost - as Shaq said recently - shout out stories like this. I know it tends to be in times of tragedy when we really see humans be their best, let's just try to do that more often.