Jayson Tatum Has Become An Unstoppable Force


I know it's late. I know there aren't a lot of people on the blog right now, but this cannot wait until the morning. What we are witnessing Jayson Tatum do on the basketball stuff is quickly becoming the stuff of legends. Another 36 points on 14-22 shooting (8-12 from deep) in 35 minutes. This is a man that did not even attempt a free throw. Think about that for a second. The shot making that we are seeing Tatum execute on a consistent basis is a level we've never seen before. These threes are ridiculous and we are now at the point where Tatum has begun to become disrespectful with his threes. Once you're able to pull that off and nobody says anything to you, that's when you know you've gone up a level. 

I mean look at this

That's big boy production right there folks. The efficiency is outrageous, the Celts are winning, and Jayson Tatum is taking step after step towards becoming a legit superstar. If he is able to sustain this level of play for the rest of the season and the Celts end up in the 2 seed, I don't know how you keep him off All NBA. That is NOT something I ever expected to say this season. Tatum made the All Star team and saw the elite talent around them and he stole everyone's super powers. What a fucking move by Ainge! Always one step ahead I love it.

In all seriousness this stretch by Jayson Tatum is pretty important. It's showing that you can win with Tatum being your best player and #1 option. Everything we're doing here relies on the idea that Tatum can be a #1. Sure looks like one to me.