We Could All Learn A Valuable Life Lesson From This Failing Service Dog

And that life lesson is that just because you're supposed to be good at something doesn't mean you will be. German shepherds, as a breed, are incredibly smart. There's a reason they're cops. There's a reason they're troops. This specific hound? Not so much. Guy has his head higher in the clouds than Tacko Fall on a transcontinental flight. And he's not even pretending to try and fit in. He's saying loudly and proudly, "No, I will not help a human in need. You put your grandmother in her wheelchair and I'm gonna fold her up like clean laundry. That is not my path in this life or any other life. I am a free spirit. I am a man who absolutely sees what you'd like me to do, but my purpose is much greater for this world than to just be another cog on the assembly line."

This dog will sooner cure diseases than he'll open a fridge. Any common retriever can fetch a water bottle. This guy might remove every single piece of plastic from the ocean by November by himself if he's allowed to spread his wings and be himself. We stan a rebel with a cause.