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Duke Stinks.

Losing to Wake Forest? Blowing a double digit second half lead? They were up 9 with 75 seconds to go! Yikes. 

Duke stinks. They stink! 

I mean it's a good thing they at least kept it close with NC State last year and only dropped 1 spot in the polls. This team simply doesn't have it. They simply can't be considered a national title right now. They are looking worse as the year goes on. They aren't getting better. Teams are looking to attack Matthew Hurt because he can't guard anyone in the country. Vernon Carey and Tre Jones are good (there's your Duke compliment) but no one else is consistent on this team. That's the problem. They don't have consistent play. Cassius Stanley and Wendell Moore - as much as you might like them - they are limited. 

PS: shout out assistant coach Randolph Childress - the GOAT move for having his son come to Wake and seal this game