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Drake Had Enough Of The Bucks Wrestling Antics, So He Showed Up To The Game Tonight With Title Belts Right In Their Face

Look at Drake continuing his trolling. I know he can be corny at times and some of it is overplayed, but I honestly love that he just pulls moves like this. The Bucks have made wrestling their thing this season - again, just an A+ move. 

Drake is a troll. That's the only way to put it. He just happens to be a ridiculously rich, ridiculously successful troll. But he's the fan (who has a tattoo of Kevin Durant and Steph Curry's numbers )that loves to talk shit to other teams. I have no problem with that. 

He also 100% thinks he won an NBA title last year. So he's going to show up with the Eastern Conference and NBA finals belt. The moral of this story is really we just need to incorporate title belts way more into sports. They are the best trophies we have.