Timmy Tebow Just Went Big Fly Off A Big League Reliever!

It's a T-Bomb from Tebow!!! Okay that doesn't make any sense. But with Spring Training games still in split squads and against random colleges, we need to get excited for whatever highlights we get, regardless if they are shot behind a foul ball net in a game not available to stream. Not only did Tim Tebow go yard but he went yard off of Alex Wilson, who has 7 years of Big League experience and played on the Brewers last year. He even has his own baseball card!

Now this is the part of the blog where I would usually rattle off all of Jesus Christ's stats and say how Tim Tebow is only beginning to peak like his Lord and savior. However, this stat took a whole lot of the wind out of my sails.

Now I have to wonder if the Tigers should just cut Alex Wilson right now. Not tonight or even right after the game in the locker room. But should Ron Gardenhire have just walked to the mound like any other pitching change, taken the ball from Wilson's glove, and just given him a red slip before patting him on the ass and asking for the next righty from the pen. Because it really feels like it after seeing these numbers.

I've been Team Tebow from Day 1. But at one point does he just hang them up and stop taking a roster spot from some kid who has been grinding in the minors the last few years and is being blocked because an iconic baseball player is still chasing his dream? Does he need to hit under .100 for that to happen? And what does the new Mrs. Tebow think about her husband playing Minor Leaguer in Syracuse when there are a bunch of other things he can do in addition to working at the SEC Network? Because I feel like this all has to be over, soon.

But if it's not, I'll keep blogging it because the people love Timothy Richard Tebow and so do I. Here's to Post-Sex Tebow lighting the baseball world on fire now that he can blow off some steam the way God intended and can worry about seeing ball then hitting ball.

Also it wouldn't be a Mets blog if some sort of potential tragedy didn't strike. Today's contestant in the Mets Wheel of Doom was JD Davis.

Don't worry though, because JD is only a 2.5 or 3 out of 10 in terms of being worried, which definitely won't increase at all and everything will be just fine!