Victoria F From The Bachelor Just Sent Luggage Guy Trent Packing Into BOLIVIAN Via Our IG DMs...

You truly never know what's gonna happen on our daily @BarstoolSports IG Story and really, that's the point. But even after posting there for 3 years I'm still surprised at the connections that can get made and what actually gets seen by the verified accounts out there. 

The quick crossover possibilities with celebrities have become endless and in this case, the BCU (Bachelor Cinematic Universe) got a huge boost today after Trent's Final Rose prediction above...

EVERY queen in The Bachelor final 3 responding to those predictions with only a few weeks left in the season? THIS is the Simulation I signed up for folks! 

Unsure of how this may affect Trent's bias during his next luggage pull though. Because although his preseason pick Hannah A & crowd favorite Madi were all about it, he may have formed a new rivalry in the BCU with the unstoppable force known as Victoria F...

(Victoria F)


Befriending koalas? Perfecting pinpoint marksmenship? Delivering IG ethers that convert even his own roommate against him? 

AND she's been tracking his movements for weeks?


I know we say this often here but literally, PRAY for Luggage Guy Trent during these final 2 weeks. Victoria F has made it this far and she's not gonna slow down now. That QUEEN is coming for him with only well deserved scorched earth on her mind. 

But it was a good run Trent! You were doing great sweetie! Sorry about getting you beaten to a pulp! That slide did reach a lot of IG accounts though! Totally worth it! Goooood luck/RIPIP





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