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You Know Who Cleans Up Nicely? V Stiviano That's Who





viakd  v-stiviano-sexy-pic






Let this be a lesson to all moguls out there.  Always request to see pictures of your sidepiece like 5 or 10 years prior to meeting with them.  I feel like if a chick radically transforms herself you can pretty much guarentee she’s eventually gonna extort and blackmail you.   If she was hot her entire life there is only a 75% chance she will extort and blackmail you.


PS – Was Donald Sterling not paying this chick to shut up the dumbest decision in the history of mankind?   Just the height of arrogance.  All he had to do was pay her the equivalent of 1 penny in his terms and he’d still be fucking her and sitting front row at Clippers games.  Just probably hadn’t done anything he didn’t want to do had anybodytell him no in the last 40 years.  Always the smartest guy in the room and that’s what done did him in here.