Stan Bowman Blames Current Team Struggles On Past Success As His Excuse Train Is Going 100MPH

This is the part of the Bowman experience that drives me the most crazy. He talks to people as if the fans and media are stupid and that this downfall was natural, predictable, and COMPLETELY out of his control. It was everyone's fault but his. The current state of the team isn't a "correction" because of the glory years. It's self-inflicted wounds and bad asset management. The Blackhawks missing the playoffs for three straight years while still having Toews, Kane, Keith, and Crawford on the team is pathetic. It is the result of Stan Bowman. He gave Brent Seabrook that contract extension. He got bullied by Brandon Saad's dad in 2015 and traded him for Anisimov. He over-paid Anisimov. He overpaid Bickell. He traded guys like Sharp, Byfuglien, Ladd, Versteeg, and the rest of the supporting cast and managed to get NOTHING of value in return for them. He traded Teravainen. He fired Joel Quenneville. He and his staff didn't draft and develop an NHL defenseman for his entire tenure until just now with Boqvist. He is the one who traded Panarin, a valuable asset that could've been used to do a quick reset in a trade for a worse player making the same amount of money. He traded Phillip Danault for guys he didn't need. He was gifted Toews, Kane, Keith, Seabrook, Crawford, Hjalmarsson, Sharp, Versteeg, Brouwer, and Bickell by a previous regime. He's squandered the last 5 years. 

For Bowman to repeatedly skirt blame and pass the buck is obnoxious and unbecoming of someone in a leadership position. There was a time when I could've forgiven Bowman. I've said it before. All he had to do was say those three little words..,"I. Fucked. Up". If Bowman said that at any time in recent history and proved that he had learned from his mistakes then I could see why the Wirtz Family would want to hang on to him. There is something to be said for stability in sports ownership. Maybe they were trying to be the Steelers of the NHL. I don't know. What I do know that the time for apologies and learning has passed. It hasn't taken. Nobody believes Stan and nobody believes in him. Well, except for maybe one guy. 

Enough is enough. The Wirtz Family has to step up and make the changes at the top as soon as right now, but no later than April. New vision. New direction. Hopefully new fans and I hope this happens before they lose some of the old ones.