Dick Pound Lays His Nuts On The Table, Tells Tokyo To Pound Sand

There are certain names you just never want to hear sniffing around your place of business. You try and stave them off for as long as you can but when the reaper comes a-knockin', when Candyman appears in the mirror, when Dick Pound lays the hammer it's already too late. I'm sure Tokyo wants to throw the world a nice little Olympics but if they can't get their ducks in a row then they're catching an express train to Pound Town. Dicky P showed up on the scene, flipped the hour glass over and started the countdown without anyone even seeing it coming. That's just the Dick Pound way of doing business. Not everything can be caressed and finessed with sweet nothings and the like. Sometimes you need Pound to lay down the law and that's what we're seeing here today. A textbook, firm, Dick Pound ravaging courtesy of the IOC. You think the IOC became one of the most powerful organizations in the world WITHOUT having Big Pound in their corner??? Pffft. Of course not.  Pound is the one who knocks. Always has been, always will be.