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I Love This 76 Year Old Guy Whose Drivers License Has Been Suspended Until 2090 But Refuses To Stop Driving

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Daily Telegraph- Serial road offender Nathaniel Barker, 76, would have to live his whole life again before being allowed to get behind the wheel of a car. Yet despite being disqualified from driving until 2090, the pensioner was again caught flouting the law. The former Waterloo man, who has since moved to South Coogee, has ­appeared in court more than 28 times for driving while his driver’s licence was disqualified. His record is so bad he has been declared a habitual offender. And yesterday, dressed in a high-visibility T-shirt, he pleaded guilty in Downing Centre Local Court to again driving after a court had disqualified him from being behind the wheel. This time it was on a sunny Monday morning in Alexandria in Sydney’s east. A Botany Bay highway patrol officer had twice seen Barker fail to use his indicator when he was turning and pulled him over. “I was just driving around the ­corner,” Barker allegedly told police when questioned, according to police facts tendered to the court.

Big fan of this guy.  There’s no way in hell Nathaniel Barker knows what the hell YOLO is or means but you’d be hard pressed to find some one living the YOLO lifestyle more than him.  He couldn’t care less that his driver’s license says he can’t drive again until he’s 152*.  Those are just numbers in his mind.  And the older people get the less they stop caring about logic and numbers and the things that hold up our society from dropping into anarchy.  As their body deteriorates so does their sense of society.  It’s like that Seinfeld bit about old people backing out of their driveways but blown out to it’s absolute maximum.  Nathaniel is old and he no longer gives a shit.  Simple.  I can respect that.  He’s earned it.  He’s going to die soon anyway.  Let the man drive.  Let the man do what he clearly loves doing.  Even if he is a danger to society, who gives a shit?  He’s got 5-10 years left, tops.  Let him enjoy his time left on this big blue rock as much as he can.  When we all reach that age (I’ll be dead long before 76 but let’s pretend) we’ll want the same treatment.  Old people should be able to do whatever they want.

*The amount of time it took me to figure out how old Nathaniel would have to be before he can drive again was astounding.  Blogging has turned my brain into nothing more than a wet dish rag.  No, I was never smart.  But there was a time when I would’ve been able to do 76 X 2 in my head.  No longer.