ABC's 'The Bachelor' Just Put Out A Casting Call For Our Grumpiest Men & Goldenest Girls (Old People!)

Yes, Mr. Christmas - It's true! 

And that purpose is going to be sweet, sweet entertainment in the form of hit show The Bachelor

According to Robert Mills, a top exec at ABC, they're seeking your grumpiest & goldenest...

A reality show featuring the Goldenest Girls X Grumpiest Old Men falling in love with dating and drama and Metamucil and wine and possible intimacy sans teeth = ... The hot collab I never knew I was waiting for, but can now barely contain myself thinking about...



As another bonus, if we learned anything from Cher's matchmaking endeavors in the movie Clueless, we should know that helping older people fall in love makes life happier & easier for everyone. Less homework, no detention, chill vibes!

So head to ABC Casting & get your mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, aunt, uncle, wacky older neighbor, professor, whoever on the journey to everlasting love (or extremely public embarrassment but still totally worth it!).