Kovalchuk Has Arrived And He Looks GLORIOUS!!!

What a scene that I never believed would come true off of my PS2. Ilya Kovalchuk in a Caps sweater. A moment 14 years in the making for me. 

Kim Kardashian put it perfectly:

Amen, Kim. 

Kovalchuk is being slotted into the 3rd line which I absolutely love, 


especially because of how well Eller has been playing this year. Plus it is a perfect Chel line with Hagelin's 99 speed on the left side. He is also on PP2 in the slot, where I fully expect him to score from tonight. I could not possibly love it more.

The playoffs cannot come soon enough. 20 more games. Somehow at the same time it seems like a ton of games left to play but barely any at all. Maybe it's the weather- it has been warm this week and it just feels like playoff weather. But there's still 20 more games til the real games begin. Let's just get there healthy and with a clear #1 goalie and it'll be Our Year again.