Bucket Of Spaghetti: A Billion Dollar Idea

Sometimes in life, we have these ideas that might just change the course of human history. For instance, that fella that invented the polio vaccine. He changed the world. One day, little boys and girls all over the globe were getting polio and were suffering through iron lungs and other horrible treatment methods. Jonas Salk discovered the perfect concoction that would rid the world of this disease until dumbass facebook moms made up their own science and spread their lies like wildfire. This blog isn't about anti-vaxxers though. This blog is about a bucket of mother fucking spaghetti and how I need it worse than the 1950s needed the polio vaccine. Now, my grandfather Roscoe will disagree with that because he had polio and wasn't supposed to survive because of it. He did though. He beat polio and shouldn't have to live out his remaining days hungry with a belly devoid of spaghetti. 

Last night I was sitting in bed after my kid's basketball practice which can be my personal polio. After practice, we swung through a fast food joint, and picked up a JustABurger for the kid, a Whataburger meal for my wife, and a WhatAChicken for me without the WhatASauce. I don't wanna say where we went because no free ads. The meal was fine. Wasnt great. It was fine. That's the life of parents on the move. You gotta do what you gotta do in order to feed the squad on practice nights so you can miss those homecooked meals. It's part of it. Part that I hate but part of it nonetheless. 

But, what if that didn't have to be the case? What if you could pull through a drive-thru, order one bucket of the good stuff, and be handed a literal bucket filled to the brim with Spaghetti. Is that something you'd be interested in? You're god damn right it is. 

Imagine telling the kids to shower and hurry to the table, the spaghetti is getting cold! 

"On my way, dad! Thanks for the bucket of spaghetti!"

"You're welcome," I'd say back while they scoop another fork full into their mouths. 

"Delicious, papa!"

My angels. 

The best part about the bucket of spaghetti is the price. Can you believe it? Only 19.99. That is a fucking steal. Now, I know what you are saying, 

"Chaps! This has been done before. I have the picture from reddit right here."

Im not talking about trash spaghetti. I'm talking homemade. Im talking a nice sauce that was made in bulk and not by some stupid chain restaurant like what you see above. We need a nice, homemade from scratch spaghetti joint that has a drive-through and offers a bucket of spaghetti for 19.99. Is that too much to ask? I dont think so. I dont think so at all. After all, they already have it in South Dakota. Why cant we get that everywhere? Im tired of South Dakota having all the nice things. 

Anyway, here's Wonderwall.