Balls Of Steel: High School Kid Steps Up And Drills Big Time Free Throws Causing The Crowd To Go Wild ... The Score Was 46-1

Not everyone can accomplish this. You just got fouled after driving to the hoop. You take that half second to huddle up with your teammates. You get to the line, toe the line and glance at the scoreboard to see how much time is left before the ref throws you the ball. That's when you see it. 


It's up to you to cut that lead to ... 46-1. Shit. Deep breath, deep breath. A few dribbles. Buckets. Those free throws may be tougher than a game-winner when there's no one in the lane. Talk about nerve-wracking, you're sitting there knowing you have to make a free throw to win the game and get the hell out of there with a win. Instead this guy is sitting there going 'if I miss this, what are the odds we just don't score all game?' 

The best here is the crowd reaction too. You would have thought this was a game-winner. They ate that shit up. High school hoops is so weird and so hilarious. There's just nothing like it. Imagine this happening at like Michigan State, you simply can't. Balls of steel to hit these free throws.