Hey, Joel Embiid, Are You The Best Player In The World?: "Yeah, Fuck It"


I know that Joel has been trying to walk back his "best player in the world" comment a little and explain that he was just trying to say he's ONE OF the best players in the world. But when you lead your team to a W after putting up a new career high in front of the hometown crowd? Talk that shit, Jo! Talk. That. Shit. 

There are obviously players in this league who are better overall but as long as Joel Embiid's mentality the rest of the way is "fuck it, I believe it"? That's all I need to see. Just as the late great George Costanza once said, "it's not a lie...if you believe it". If Joel Embiid believes that he's the best player in the world when then guess what, bitches? He's the best player in the world and there ain't shit you can do about it. There certainly wasn't shit that the Atlanta Hawks could do about it. 

49 points. 14 boards. 2 gigantic nuts just dragging all across the floor at Wells Fargo Center. And sure, it was a home game against the Hawks. The Sixers are a wagon at home and it's not like the Hawks are a contender. But that's still a monster game for Joel "Fuck It. Yeah, I'm The Best Player In The World" Embiid. The man is a smacked ass through and through. So I just have no idea why anybody would ever want that to change. The more that Joel can be a clown after games and have fun with it, the better. You're never going to turn him into a Kawhi Leonard, so just let the man do it his way and shut up. It's all love. 

Sidenote: Not sure how there aren't already "Yeah, Fuck It" shirts in the store.