Udoka Azubuike Was Surprised By Seeing His Brother For The First Time In 10 Years And Then Dropped 19/16 In Front Of Him

We're starting to get to the point of the college hoops season where 2 things happen. 1) We hear stories like this. Family members start surprising guys around Senior Night and it's the first time they've seen them in years and naturally the dude goes out and dominates. 2) Kansas starts to look like the favorite to win the national title and everyone starts breaking that down. 

But this is awesome. Udoka Azubuike is from Nigeria and hasn't seen his brother in 10 years. I can't imagine not seeing someone in my family that long. I get that it's different, but still, try to picture not seeing a sibling for 10 years. Then he shows up and you beat the shit out of Oklahoma State while dropping 19/16. You have to do something like that, you can't go out and have like an 11/7 game. You have to put up big numbers. 

As for Kansas, they are the favorite to win the national title according to Vegas numbers. It makes sense. They have two potential All-Americans in Doke and Devon Dotson. But more importantly Marcus Garrett has turned into a playmaker and pretty much a second ball handler. We saw it against Baylor, they used Doke in the mid ball screen and let Garrett and Dotson attack and then make the pass to Doke. Also the fact Bill Self finally realized his best lineup is not using two bigs together. That tends to help. 

Also imagine trying to challenge Doke and Chima to some 2v2 game and they are 7'0" and 6'11". Seems unfair.