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I Slept Wrong And Have A Stiff Neck This Morning

I slept wrong last night and have a bit of a stiff neck.  That ever happen to any of yous? It's the fucking WORST.  I legit wouldn't wish a stiff neck on my worst enemy, not even Carl.  

Some of you might be asking, "WSD you fat asshole, wtf are you telling this to us for?" 

My answer is simple: I like to abide by the age old adage of, "people helping people".  That's all I'm doing here.  

Thank god for YouTube video remedies otherwise I'd be heading for a stint on the DL.  That, and I took a shower nap this morning.  Shower naps + YouTube exercises can cure any disease or ailment.  So if any of you slept wrong and have a neck that's being a cranky cunt, here's a few simple ways to help alleviate your pain.  

Ya see?  People helping people.  Even though all of yous bully me a lot, I'll never not go out of my way to help the masses.  Oh and tune into Barstool Chicago Radio in an hour to listen to me sewer Denzel Washington at 9am today