Oregon Star Sabrina Ionescu Becomes First Ever DI Hooper To Make The 2K/1K/1K Club - Does It The Same Day She Spoke At Kobe's Memorial

So Sabrina Ionescu is the best women's basketball player in the country, potentially the best women's college basketball player ever. She had a hell of a day yesterday. She spent the afternoon in LA to speak at Kobe and Gianna Bryant's celebration of life. She looked up to Kobe and when Kobe found out, sort of took her under his wing, becoming a trainer and friend for her. At the same time Gianna looked up to Sabrina so she returned the favor and worked out with Gianna. Vanessa and the Bryant family asked her to speak because of that: 

She then quickly made her way back to Eugene and ended up making NCAA history. She became the first person with 2,000 points, 1,000 rebounds and 1,000 assists in Division I history. 

She also dropped a triple-double because of course it happened that way.

She had everyone talking about her. Steph Curry watched the game and congratulated her. She even drew the attention of Rone, which is even more impressive.

Actually the most impressive thing is the fact that somehow that person isn't Rone. That's 100% him. The posture, the hat, the face, I've seen that all before. That's Rone. Congrats on the new found twin I guess though. 

Sports just continue to be the coolest damn thing in the world. There are stories every week popping up along these lines. Someone hits a game-winner in front of a parent for the first time. Someone hits a career high on the anniversary of someone dying or something along those lines. Or in this case Sabrina drops history on 2.24 the same day she spoke at Kobe and Gianna's memorial. That's the shit you can't even write.