Wake Up With Jose Fernandez Making An Unreal Play On A Troy Tulowitzki Comebacker

One of the most famous plays from Jose Fernandez's short career is this legendary snag. It's a GIF, all over twitter, and just an all around hilarious clip. Troy Tulowitzki, now an assistant coach with the University Of Texas baseball team, ropes a pitch right back at Fernandez's head. Before Tulo is even out of the box, Fernandez snags the ball and the inning is over. It's shitty quality for the video, but you can read perfectly what Troy is saying.

"Did you catch that?"

Jose smirks and spits back, "yeah, I did." As he laughs and head back to the dugout.

Tulo just drops his bat in disbelief. That ball was 97 out of Jose's hand and at least 105 back at him. Unreal reaction time and a hell of a player by a great talent.