This Red Sox, Dodgers, Astros Fan Might Be One Of The Worst People To Walk The Earth

We like to abuse exaggeration and hyperbole at this company, but I promise you I'm not doing that here. I have never been more confused in my entire life after watching the video above of this monster.  

We start off by learning that this guy is an Astros fan, but he's wearing a Dodgers hat. Certainly perplexing. He says he realized the backlash fans were getting and didn't want to wear an Astros hat out of fear. Well why in the world would you pick a Dodgers hat to wear? Pick literally any other hat in the world and no one would say a word. The Astros played the Tigers today, not the Dodgers. Yeah, if you walk around randomly wearing a Dodgers hat people are going to ask some questions. His decision making process here has me stopped in my tracks. 

As the video rolls on this Sonny Gray look-a-like reveals his Boston accent. Wait a second, he's a fucking masshole? What a twist! He then says "we" when referring to trading away Mookie. Yeah turns out he's just a Red Sox fan with the Astros right behind as his second favorite team....

As far as I'm concerned this man is a danger to society. Wherever he goes people are in danger. He is a menace who has to be stopped. We just can't have Astros, Red Sox, Dodgers fans walking around free as a bird. I'm so confused that I've now developed a massive headache and will have trouble sleeping this evening. Thanks Sonny Gray.