Pregnant Stacy Keibler Says She Plans To Eat Her Own Placenta After Giving Birth

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Daily Mail- Stacy Keibler has had one of the healthiest pregnancies in Hollywood. She said she eats only organic and ‘clean’ food, exercises and stretches daily, and focuses on maintaining a happy and positive attitude. And according to UsWeekly, the 34-year-old June/July cover girl of Fit Pregnancy magazine will also be consuming her own placenta following the birth of her daughter in August. The ex-girlfriend of George Clooney will ‘take pills every day made from her placenta,’ the source told Us. She will also hire a doula ‘to help with the birth,’ according to an insider. Placenta, the organ that provides nutrition to the baby through the umbilical cord, plays a crucial role during pregnancy but some women feel that it can also play an important role afterwards as well.

NOPE.  NOPE.  NOPE.  If you’re mad at me for writing this blog and potentially making you throw up a sandwich you had for lunch all over your keyboard, I’m sorry.  I really am.  Rest assured that I’m just as mad at myself for writing this blog.  So why write it?  Because it’s so fucking gross that I needed to share it with the world.  Why is a woman eating her own placenta even a thing still?  And I know the article says that it helps some woman deal with stress after birth but if you scroll down a little bit, a doctor says “Nope, that’s total bull shit.  There’s no actual helpful effects of doing it.”  So there’s no real reason to actually keep doing.  Some times the History channel or National Geographic will run those Taboo shows where they go into a village in the middle of the jungle and profile a tribe that has been around for 50 million years.  And they do all that crazy shit like run over hot coals or cut themselves with a razor blade then jump in a pool of lemon juice or eat their dead loved ones so they can have a peaceful afterlife.  I would expect something like this from them.  They get a pass because they don’t know it doesn’t work.  They’ve earned their ignorance.  But a developed country such as ours?  Cut it out, Stacy Keibler.  You’re scaring us.  Yet another thing added to the “Reasons To Never Have Children” list.

I’m so grossed out I’m not even going to make a gallery of hot Stacy Keibler pictures.

Just kidding.

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