You Best Not Come at Ben Simmons on Twitter or His Sister Will Surely Call You a "Fucktard" or Tell You to "Suck Her Lady Balls"

Liv Simmons is quickly becoming one of the biggest savages on twitter. She LOVES to get in the mud. I guess she saw some people talking shit on twitter about Ben's injury and she went off. Liv Alice tweeted 46 times this morning before the clock even hit noon. It was an unbelievable display of twitter. Just look at some of these replies.


Some Notes: 

1.) Seeing the Australian slang in her tweets make it so much better. Fuck you and your mum! I feel like I'm watching a ruthless episode of Peaky Blinders on twitter. I know Peaky doesn't have anything to do with Australia but I am dumb and can't pick up the difference in accents. 

2.) The amount of "Suck my dicks" is hilarious and then when she threw a 12-6 hammer curveball with the "Suck my lady balls" I literally laughed out loud at my desk.

3.) Sitting to pee is acceptable and sometimes a nice relaxing change of pace to the urination game and should not be slandered.

4.) Saying the most ruthless unfiltered shit on twitter, but then sliding in a "Pu**y" really put my mind in a pretzel.

5.) This man ABSOLUTELY looks like a Jolly Rancher wrapped inside another Jolly Rancher. What a fucking analogy. 

All in all fantastic stuff from my new queen. I can not wait for the next time someone tells Ben he can't shoot a three on twitter. I might fuck around and put tweet notifications on.

P.S.   I really hope Ben's injury isn't as bad as people are thinking because thats a season ender for the Sixers and I can't handle that emotionally. Get well soon. Please