LA Wildcats Coach Winston Moss Could Not Have Given Less Of A Fuck About Getting Doused With A Gatorade Bath After His Team's First XFL Win

Now THAT is a leader of men. Seeing Winston Moss completely ignore the bucket of ice cold liquid that was dumped on his body has me ready to run through a brick wall for him and I am neither a Los Angeles Wildcats player or fan. How is Coach Moss supposed to tell his team to focus until the final whistle if he lets a shock to the system so jarring that literally became a worldwide viral phenomenon distract him from the game unfolding on the field? It doesn't matter that this was Moss' first win as a head coach, that he handed Cardale Jones his first loss since fucking high school, or that even the biggest Football Guys on the planet have showed emotion and maybe even flashed their pearly whites in similar situations. The Wildcats needed their leader to be focused until the scoreboard said Final and Coach Moss sure as shit wasn't going to let a sneak attack of a bucket full of electrolytes (or water if that wasn't clear Gatorade) stop him from achieving his goal. True Football Guy shit.

However after doing a little bit of research about Winston Moss, I shouldn't be at all surprised about that video considering not only did he go to The U, but he played in the NFL for the Bucs, Seahawks, and Raiders (along with a BAD ASS Fleer Ultra football card)

He clearly doesn't give many fucks considering this was his last quote as a Packers coach


And he fired his defensive coordinator after exactly one game!

I'm not gonna lie, I reeeeeeeeally wish I chose to be a fan of the Wildcats instead of the Vipers because Winston Moss is pretty much the anti-Marc Trestman, even though I was technically a Wildcats fan long before I was a Vipers fan