Tyson Fury Celebrating His Win Over Deontay Wilder By Singing Karaoke In A Packed Las Vegas Club Seems Like A Decent Time I Suppose

I imagine there aren't many feelings in the world better than beating another man to a bloody pulp and winning a championship belt off of him. However, one of those things is indisputably having the microphone around a bunch of people and being able to sing whatever you want whenever you want, knowing full well that everyone is going to join in because you are the man of the hour. Tyson Fury may have felt on top of the world when he got his hands on that WBC title and started singing American Pie, which is about as savage a move as you can pull after beating an American on his home turf.

But it wasn't until he had thousands of people Hakkassan doing the "BAH BAH BAH" part of Sweet Caroline that he felt like a God. Shout out to the Gypsy King for a hell of a performance both inside and outside of the ring on Saturday night.

Okay, I guess being able to do this to an undefeated heavyweight champion may trump being the focal point at late night karaoke.