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Freddie Mitchell Called Brady a Cheater and Finds Himself on the Receiving End of the Ratio of the Year

Back in early 2005 when Freddie Mitchell was the devil incarnate going into Super Bowl XXXIX, if you ever told me I'd be feeling sorry for him in 2020, I would've guessed that Future Jerry had grown soft and probably senile and was sitting in a nursing home in front of TV Land for 16 hours a day. That's not the case. Though it's not far off. But still I do feel bad for that hollowed out, Freddie Mitchell-shaped shell of a man who still isn't over getting beaten for a championship ring, even 15 years later. 

In case you've forgotten, and virtually everyone outside of New England has, Mitchell was the story of Super Bowl week in Jacksonville. First of all, he was asked by Dan Patrick about the Patriots defensive backs he'd be facing. He claimed not to know any of them by name, just numbers. Then proceeded to mix their numbers up. For Rodney Harrison, he said again he couldn't remember his name, but that he "had something" for No. 37. Bear in mind, he might have been joking. This was a couple of weeks after the Eagles had knocked the Vikings out of the playoffs, and after that game Mitchell said "I'm a special player. I'd like to thank my hands for being so great." Which is actually hilarious. But Harrison didn't see the humor in it. He played the "these kids nowadays" card, saying, "Some people are just immature. Some people really haven't experienced certain things." Adding, "Maybe he was drunk before he started talking." So Mitchell doubled down by responding "It'll all be solved on Sunday."

It was. Thanks in large part to the fact Mitchell was a no-show, with one catch for 11 yards in the 24-21 loss. After the game Belichick delivered the saltiest, sweatiest teabagging of his career saying, "All he does is talk.  He's terrible, and you can print that.  I was happy when he was in the game." And Freddie responded with the sick burn of calling the Patriots "little girls."

Obviously, Mitchell's never let it go. Not only that, he apparently doesn't understand how Twitter works. At least he doesn't understand the part where Patriots fans are the most surly, begrudged, engaged, motivated and genuinely paranoid fanbase in all of North American sports. That they comb the Twittersphere looking for just this kind of comment. It's one of the simple joys of being emotionally attached to the most despised team in the land. And when someone like Mitchell starts in on the "cheating" talk, the monkeys fly out of the witch's castle to jump on him and pull the straw out of his chest.

Here's a random sample:

Ouch. As of now his post is approaching 200 replies. Not surprisingly, none of them are kind. This is what happens when you step on the underground hornet's nest of Patriots cheating talk. You take on a social media savvy six state region with nothing better to do than go to war over such things. It's not only good sport, it helps pass the time in between Super Bowl titles. 

So thanks to Freddie Mitchell for the laughs. And also the fond memories of that third banner among many. And guy who can get Bill Belichick to talk shit about him will forever be remembered around here.