Crewman Risks It All To Avoid A Penalty In Pit Row, Ends Up Mooning The Entire Crowd

Joey Logano may have technically won the race, but as far as I'm concerned this guy was the real winner. He knew they didn't have a shot (finished 20th) and risked it all anyways. Literally showed his ass in front of hundreds of thousands of people all to avoid the penalty. Which I didn't even know was a thing. Look at that extension:

And that ass:

Cake city. Kidding! That would be exploitation. I'm just glad everyone is safe and that they were able to wrangle the tire before someone got hurt. It's only the second race of the season after all. The next big race is the Auto Club 400 this Sunday at 3:30 outside of Los Angeles. I'm assuming Dave's podcast is going to preview the race this Thursday so make sure to check that out. Suns out buns out. See you Sundey.