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Hey Montreal...EAT IT!







What we just saw was a human execution.  The Bruins just ripped Montreal’s heart, lungs, eyeballs out and ate it.  I mean this game looked over.   Montreal up 3-1 late in the 3rd.  You could hear a pin drop in the Garden.  And then boom, the Bruins decided to try.   It was like watching a big brother toy around with their little bro.  The Bruins knowing that whenever they felt like taking over they could just flick a light switch and dominate and that’s exactly what they did.   Just avalanched em.  Once the floodgates opened the Habs had no answer.  Now the question is do we even have to bother going back to Montreal?  This series is OVER.    The Habs know it.  The Bruins know it.  Everybody knows it.   Bring on the Blackhwawks!