Montana State Kid Drills A Ridiculous FULL COURT Shot To Win A Cool $11,000

This is one of the more absurd shots I can remember. Feel like he deserves more than $11,000 for this. Do you know how damn tough this shot is? You have a next to zero chance to drill this, hence why he's launching this shit side armed. It's a legit full court shot. Not only that, but he had to hit a a layup for $1, a free throw for $10, $100 for a three, $1,000 for a halfcourt shot and then $10,000 for this. So he drilled all of them. Feels like he needs to be on the Montana State roster here. 

A+ celly too. Honored Kobe - obviously with the 24 and point to the sky. The money celebration before sprinting and high fiving everyone at the scorers table. I'm a bit surprised he just didn't start running laps the way he started. That man had energy for days. Still can't imagine what the feeling has to be like for a college kid winning this money. You have to immediately go to the bar that night. That's the ultimate 'hey you're the guy that drained that shot' ice breaker. 

The t-shirt tucked into the jeans makes this video if we're being honest. That's such a Montana State thing I feel like. Such an outrageous look before heaving a full court shot in.