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Gummy Bear Bratwursts Are Now A Thing And We're Really Testing The Limits Of Food Combinations

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Food Beast- Nope, that’s not a misprint. Apparently the demand for sausage made with gummy bears is actually a real thing and it’s spreading across the United States. Bratwurst, as we all know, is made from the finest cuts of beef, pork and veal. Gummi Bears, on the other hand, are sugar incarnate. Spencer Grundhofer, owner of Grundhofer’s Old-Fashioned Meats, located in Minnesota, came up with the idea of gummy bear bratwurst initially as a joke. A friend of his suggested that he make a flavored bratwurst using gummi bears. The joke took a life of its own, however, demand for the crazy combination began to grow once folks discovered they actually tasted good.

Remember when the old adage “Don’t knock something until you try it” actually meant something?  Somebody would introduce you to a food that sounded gross and weird and you didn’t want to try and the person would say “Don’t knock it until you try it” and it was actually a good point.  That was a simpler time.  Now companies are giving us no choice but to knock something before we try it because the combinations are so ridiculously dumb and outrageous that we have to.  Companies have flooded the market with off-the-wall flavors just to see if it sticks.  It’s like by trying too hard that they’re not even trying anymore.  Nabisco and Oreos are become the worst perpetrators of this trend.  I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if Nabisco came out with poop flavored Oreos tomorrow.  That’s gotta be coming up soon because they’ve used almost every other flavor out there.  It’s because of companies like that we’re now saying “I bet that flavor fucking sucks” before even trying it.  Just yesterday we saw Lays is coming out with coffee-flavored chips.  They don’t sound good at all.  Where does the madness end?  That’s my question.  It sure as shit doesn’t end with these gummy bear-flavored bratwurst.  No way those things are good despite the article saying people like them.  No chance.

All I’m saying is as a flavor saturated society we need to take a step back and take a deep breath and figure this thing out.  Seriously, Nabisco.  You’re leading the charge.  You hit a home run with birthday cake Oreos.  Good for you.  Those things changed my life.  Take some time to trot around the bases before you demand another at bat.