I've Never Been More Jealous Of Anyone In The World, Ever


Some guys have all the luck. This is all I've ever wanted, all I've ever dreamt of. I've been blogging nonstop about my everlasting love of old ladies for the last decade and then Barstool Sports has the gall to post this video right in my face like that??? The disrespect!

And speaking of disrespect, how about Nana's grand-daughter cock blocking her? Look, we all love and miss Grandpa too, but we have to let Nana move on and find love again. And she found someone to give gummers to, which is all we can really hope for her. So for grand-daughter to run interference just ain't right. Be a real shame if Nana doesn't send her $18 her on birthday this year.

So let this video serve as inspiration to us all. It's my hope that I too one day can find my own date for the early bird dinner, just like the kid in the Juan Soto jersey in the video. Life goals.