The Celtics May Have Lost A Heartbreaker But Jayson Tatum Is A Certified Beast

Fuck that one stings. With no Kemba to be so close and come up just short in the final seconds is a tough pill to swallow. Too many turnovers and missed layups down the stretch are things you just can't do against the Lakers. Losing this game because you couldn't corral a missed FT which led to LeBron's fadeaway is going to keep me up until no later than 3:32am. The officiating was pretty fucking pathetic too but both teams had to deal with that. The Celts had a chance to sweep this team and they couldn't execute down the stretch. Hayward's passing was all sorts of wild in the fourth, both him and Tatum missed killer layups late, and that's what makes this a tough one. It was right there for the taking and the Celts let the win slip through their fingers.

But the good news? Jayson Tatum is a fucking monster. I mean superstar level shit. Right after he took it to Kawhi he showed up against LeBron and put up 41/5 on 12-20 from the floor. He did everything, made though shots, got to the line 15 times, true #1 type franchise player stuff. We're watching a player continue to knock on the door to that superstar tier and it's fantastic to watch. Sucks they came up short tonight but this is the type of performance that has become the norm for Jayson Tatum, and that is a fantastic sign.

The big takeaway after 4 very close games with both LA teams is that this Celtics team may not be as far behind as we may have thought. They can compete with these teams even while missing guys and secondary scorers having off nights. That's encouraging. It sucks that we have to spinzone this with moral victories when they should have just won the actual game, but I walk away from this feeling mostly great. A call here or there goes the other way, you may a layup, everything is all good.

So until tomorrow when we break this whole thing down, I'd like to end with the reminder that Jayson Tatum is only 21 years old. Think about that for a second.