Kroenke OUT. Winning Football BACK IN. Battlehawks Oil Rig The New York Guardians

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Its a beautiful day to be Battlehawk folks. St. Louis is flooded with high voltage electricity right now in the form of people who hate the living shit out of a man who unjustly stole a football team from them, and love for a team who is doing everything in their power to do right by them and play their asses off. The XFL is thriving in St. Louis and today was an unreal day for St. Louis sports fans.

I don't care what you think about the XFL or why you think its going to succeed or fail, the only thing that I know in this entire situation is that everything I have seen with my eyes regarding Battlehawks football has been fun as shit. It is everything the Rams weren't in the last 5+ years they were in St. Louis. It is fan friendly, lighthearted, accessible, and the entire city is behind it. The Dome actually look ENERGIZED and FUN on a Sunday afternoon. When is the last time you could honestly say that? I've been to funerals that rivaled some of the 2010-2014 Rams home games. It was so dingy and anticlimactic in that Dome at the end of their tenure most people wouldn't accept payment to be there. This is different. KaKaw Is The Law now boy and girls. And its here to stay.


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