Ninja’s Twitter Got Hacked And He Chirped Tfue - Here’s His Response...

*Editor’s note: Unfiltered Nerd wrote this blog. Smitty snuck out all day precana (look it up, heathens) to edit and post it from his phone which may not even work. Either or, God and his fiancé are not thrilled

 today, a hacker got into Ninja’s Twitter account and starting calling out everyone on the fucking internet:

I mean that’s clearly a hacker, which Ninja’s wife Jessica confirmed on her Twitter a few minutes later after the hacker had been neutralized. Well, Tfue didn’t seem to get the hint...

Some of you may look at that and think Tfue probably figued out that Ninja was getting hacked and decided to have some fun with it, and to those people might I remind you that Tfue is a fucking idiot. He is suing the company that made him a millionaire when he was a nobody, he’s being sued by the same company for trying to start a rival eSports company, he’s constantly chirping and complaining about the game that makes him millions of dollars, and he thinks that he can beat KSI in a boxing match. (...wait, that's Jake Paul? Dude can one of them go full dumbass already and just get a face tattoo already so we can tell them apart?) I think he legitimately thinks he could beat Ninja in a 1v1, which is laughable considering he hasn’t ever won a major tournament like Ninja has.

At least Tyler had some fun with it tho. Nothing like high-quality weekend content being gifted to you. *wink* *wink* @SmittyBarstool