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Ernie Els Three Putting From Two Feet Makes Me Feel Better About My Golf Game


Hey, we’ve all been there. Ernie Els giving zero fucks and three putting from two feet.  I feel a little bit better now because this happens to me a lot when I’m playing.  My friends are normally generous though.  Then again, we’re playing to have fun and get super hammered and not playing for the Claret Jug.  I had thought about getting up at 3am to watch the British Open start but then I remembered something.  I love sleep.  I love sleep more than anything in the world.  Maybe tonight I’ll stock up on cocaine and coffee and get up for the second round.


Speaking of golfers playing like us weekend warriors, we’ve all hit a bad shot (or a million of them) and wanted to snap the club over our knee like Henrik Stenson did there.  The only difference between us and Stenson is if we break a club, we longer have that club and either have to buy a new one or go scrounging through our Dad’s old clubs.