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A Photo Of Batman's Stunt Double Just Leaked From Set And The New Cowl Looks Like Shit (Probably Because It's A Stunt Suit Tho)

Alright, so as we expected - some photos from the set of 'The Batman' have leaked, giving us a clearer look at Robert Pattinson's new Batsuit. That's likely why Matt Reeves put out that first screen test we saw last week; to get ahead of the potential set leaks.

Unfortunately, though, it's not Robert Pattinson we're seeing in the suit - it's his stunt double - so everything you're looking at here can really only be taken with a grain of salt as far as the finished product goes. 

Here's a look at another Batman stunt double looking absurd on set...

...and another...

Nice jeans, Bruce!

I think the new suit itself looks phenomenal, and plays into the "Young Batman" thing really well - it's still rough around the edges and all of that - but the cowl from today's pictures is just all-time bad. It honestly just looks like a flimsy latex one you'd find at Party City or something. Can't be taken seriously. I don't like the lenses either, but I'd imagine that's just a stunt-thing for the driver. I'm not too worried about em. I think once that cowl is on Battinson's head it's gonna look AWESOME. 

Tommy really hit his one on the head with his take, though, so I'll let him close this one out...