Is Joel Embiid the Best Player in the World?

Jo is FUCKING back baby. Cocky, arrogant, don't give a damn, Joel Hans Embiid is back. Is he the best player in the world right now? Absolutely not, but goddammit do I love him saying it. 

SOURCE  After putting up 39 points and 16 rebounds to lead the 76ers to a 112-104, overtime victory over the Nets, Joel Embiid declared he is the best player in the world and that the aggression with which he played against Brooklyn was a carryover from the way he played in Sunday's All-Star Game in Chicago.

"For sure," Embiid said. "The All-Star Game was fun. Being there in the fourth quarter, doing my thing at the end of the game, I thought it was great.

"But the All-Star Game, just proving I'm here, I belong, and being the best player in the world, I just intend to keep coming out every single night and just play hard and trying to get wins and just go out and try to win a championship."

Jo has been on a dominant run recently, going for 39 and 16 last night, 26 and 9 against the clips, and sprinkling in a 22 and 10 in the all star game. He has been looking like the Joel Embiid of old. In this quote, he's talking about his performance in the all star game, where he made the best players in the world look like little boys in the fourth quarter when everyone was actually trying.

It is ridiculous to say that Embiid is the best player in the world, but the past couple of times we've watched him, he hasn't been far from it. Plus, as we all know, Embiid plays his best basketball when he's acting like a cocky asshole.

As for the rest of the squad, last night was an interesting game. It was the most prototypical 76ers basketball game where we looked like absolute legends, absolute dogshit, and then absolute legends again. It was the entire 2019-2020 season in one game. We saw a lot of positives. Obviously Jo.

Alec Burks is an absolute dog who deserves his own fan club.


Tobias had moments where he played well. Jrich was horrible, and Al Horford continue to look like the worst signing in Philadelphia sports history.

A once horrific game turned into something we can definitely build off of. We have the self proclaimed best player in the world squaring up with the actual best player in the world tomorrow night in Milwaukee. Ben should be coming back so we should be at full strength to go up against the best team in the NBA. A win against the Bucks would be absolutely massive, as we have yet to prove anything on the road. Let's go make that statement a reality tomorrow Jo.