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Rolando McClain Retired From the NFL at 23 Years Old Because He Thought He Was Going to Aaron Hernandez Someone


TBL - Rolando McClain, in a revealing interview with Seth Wickersham of ESPN the Magazine, says one of the reasons he retired from the NFL at the age of 23 was because he was starting to feel like Aaron Hernandez. Yikes. McClain comes off as a self-aware ticking time bomb who “just wanted to fight people.” 

ESPN - “I was feeling like Aaron Hernandez or something,” he says, “like I just wanted to kill somebody.” He remembers watching Hernandez get hauled out of his house in handcuffs, later charged with first-degree murder, and being genuinely scared he’d end up the same way.”


Good lord, how bad does playing football fuck you up? I understand getting mad at people. Yesterday someone swerved into my lane and I thought I was mad, but apparently I wasn’t. I’ve never looked at a dude who shot a bunch of people in the face and been like “yep, that’s me.”

Everything about his career makes sense now. I am pretty much convinced at this point Roger Goodell is the Vince McMahon of the NFL. So it doesn’t shock me that a guy who wants to stab someone on a moment’s notice was drafted by the Raiders and then signed with the Ravens, the two most stabby teams in the league. What bothers me is the NFL is too obvious. They threw us for a loop with Hernandez being a killer on the Patriots. I admit that was a great story line I didn’t see coming, but the rest of their story lines are so flat and re-used. What’s next, a Cowboys WR will be an egomaniac? The Browns will draft another terrible QB? NFL really needs to hire some new writers, ASAP.