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Woman Claimed 100k Lottery Ticket 4 Hours Before It Expired



WTOP – As the clock was ticking on an unclaimed winning lottery ticket, an Alexandria woman discovered she was the winner and claimed her prize four hours before it expired. Karen Gentry didn’t know the lotto ticket she bought May 2 was worth $100,000 until she saw a news report on Tuesday about the unclaimed prize, the Virginia Lotto says in a news release. “So I looked, and there it was!” she told Lottery officials. “I called my husband and he said, ‘Yeah, right.'” Gentry, from Alexandria, told lottery officials it had been sitting in a box in her kitchen for six months. By law, lotto tickets in Virginia expire after 180 days of the drawing. Gentry’s Virginia Cash 5 ticket was set to expire at 5 p.m. She claimed it at 1 p.m. Gentry, who works in carpet sales, said she had no immediate plans for her winnings.


How does this even happen? I can’t buy a lotto ticket without automatically assuming I’m going to win. When I was a cube monkey and the lottery got up to like 900 million, I literally did zero work that day because I was so positive I was going to win. I spent the entire day planning out my future life. The beach houses with water slides going right into the ocean, the minor league baseball teams I could buy and name whatever I wanted, the exact replica of the Facility level from Goldeneye I’d have built to play paintball in with my new famous friends.

So how is this lady can go almost 6 months without even checking the ticket? How great is her life that she isn’t sweating bullets about the lotto from the second she purchased the ticket? I guess being a carpet salesperson is much more glamorous than it sounds. Too bad she has to quit it now. Sure it’s only 100k and the government will steal half of it, but it’s an unwritten rule that if you win the lottery, you have to quit you job and blow the money. But knowing her, she’ll probably do something stupid like invest the money and let it accrue interest so she can live comfortably later, like some sort of idiot.

PS: what kind of weird ass leap frog is going on in the poster behind her? Not a bad vertical from the chick, I guess she tore her ACL two years ago.