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Capitals Need To Get Their Shit Together

Another game last night, another bad loss. The Caps generated hardly any offense, took several terrible penalties, and didn’t do much right in their defensive zone. And then there was Mike Green. Look, I get he scores huge goals and is a talented offensive defensemen. But how many years now have we been waiting for him to give a single fuck about actually playing defense? He is still lollygagging around, skating slowly with or without the puck. He is so disinterested in playing defense, and always has been. For every game he has won for the team with a nice power play goal, there’s been one that he has given away with a total bonehead play. It’s infuriating. And especially more so this season, as the Capitals are thin as fuck on the blue line. Olesky, Umbom, and Schmidt do not make most teams top 6 defensemen, never mind all three of them. There is nothing that gets my blood boiling more than Mike Green fucking up, and apparently I’m not alone. We are tired of this shit.












At this point, I feel the Caps HAVE to make a move and bring in a top defenseman. HAVE TO. Ovi is playing his best hockey in years, and that's saying something because he led the league in goals and won the MVP just last season. The goaltending has been great. Another year of being bounced out of the first or second round of the playoffs is not okay.