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Woman Blocking Train Door Gets What She Deserves

Apparently this happened in Paris. Chalk one up for the Frenchies! That guy does what we have all dreamt of doing. Some dumb bitch is blocking the door and you take matters into your own hands.

You know when you go to bed at night and you replay times in your life where you should have done something different? Like talk to the pretty girl or get your act together and follow your dreams? More times than not, I imagine going postal on the broad with the shopping bags screaming for her dumb friends. One day, I tell myself, one day I’ll do it. I’ll be a hero. The passengers will lift me onto their shoulders like Rudy, and I’ll go down in Metro history. Nate! Nate! Nate! they’ll cheer as I fuck the blonde minx with the chihuahua. One day.