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It Took One Game As Head Coach For Patrick Roy To Lose His Temper

Patrick Roy is one of the top 5 goalies of all time. No doubt about that. But he is also, by most accounts, a huge dickhead. A brief history of his most well known tirades.

Canada - The fact is that Roy’s temper has always been his worst enemy.

Canadiens fans will never forget his 1995 meltdown when he felt that then coach Mario Tremblay left him in the net too long in a one-sided loss to the Detroit Red Wings. That marked the end of Roy’s career in Montreal.

There was an ugly incident in Denver when police were called in to settle a domestic dispute between Roy and his ex-wife.

Last season, a Chicoutimi executive accused Roy of assault following a post-game incident, but the charges were later dropped.

At the 2006 Memorial Cup, Moncton coach Ted Nolan said Roy was “tasteless and classless” after he criticized Wildcats goaltender Josh Tordjman.

I left out the part about when he was coaching in the juniors, he (allegedly) told his son to beat the shit out of the other team’s goalie, which you can see below. All in all, Roy is a temperamental douche and I would not be surprised if he pushes his players too far. He will stand up for his guys, for sure, but he no doubt is doing things far worse at practice than that Rutgers basketball coach did.

Sorry for the french. Searched near and far for an english highlight, but espn doesn’t know hockey exists.