A Gorgeous Brute Puts On A Tour De Force In Eating Spaghetti

Genius! Genius! Genius! As you all know, I love a good ole plate of spaghetti. But, my hands can begin to hurt with all the twisting and turning of the forks. Painful! Moving from the noodles to the meatballs and back to the noodles can be tiring and rather exhausting. 

My mountain man friend here is doing that old Marine Corps lesson of KISS. Keep it simple stupid. Grab the pasta. Get a fork full of the good stuff. Cut. No sauce on your beard. No kids laughing at your lack of manners. They are called culinary shears for a reason and the reason has never been more black and white. If you dont think I'm using this move for the rest of my days, you dont know me at all. 

"Welcome back to Newark, Chaps? The regular?"

"You betcha. Two plates of spaghetti and the shears please."

"Of course. As you wish, my sweet prince."

The service in terminal c at Newark is unmatched. 

Also, an unreal combination of overall and sweater game. This is a dude that has it all figured out. I could go to Gander Mountain or Bass Pro Shop and shop and shop and shop for an outfit that looks like this but I'd never be able to do it. Some people are tastemakers. This guy is a tastemaker. You cant help but tip your hat. Well done, my friend. Well done, indeed. I'd love to meet you in Newark and share a plate at the airport.