Guy Traveled From Texas To Australia To Attack His Ex-Wife's New Boyfriend With A Crossbow

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Daily Mail- A laptop helped save a 56-year-old man’s life after an arrow was fired at him outside his NSW home allegedly by his wife’s ex-partner who flew from America with the crossbow to kill him.   Greg Williams was carrying the laptop on his driveway at Somersby on the Central Coast when he was shot at with the loaded crossbow on Tuesday afternoon.  The arrow fired by Texas man Jeffrey Hooten, 49, struck the lid of the laptop computer Mr Williams was holding instead of directly piercing his skin. Hooten then allegedly attacked Mr Williams with an axe, which he struck over the victim’s head.  Mr Williams told Nine News he was extremely lucky after he was taken to hospital suffering a head wound.  ‘The gods were with me,’ he said.  ‘I could have been dead and my wife could have been dead.’

The sad part of this story isn’t that this guy got so caught up on his ex-wife that he felt the need to fly around the world with a crossbow hunting down her new boyfriends.  That’s semi-reasonable I suppose.  Men have done crazier things for women they can’t get over.  I’m almost sure there’s some old romantic saying out there about going to the ends of the Earth for the woman you love.  They probably don’t involve a weapon but whatevs.  Login into Facebook and one of your recently married buddies probably posted the saying as his status.  No, that’s not the sad part of this.  The sad part is that once he got there.  One he had traveled all that way with his crossbow to cut down the man fucking his ex-wife, he missed.  He flat out missed.  Instead of piercing the other man’s heart he pierced the lid of the laptop the guy was holding.  If you’re going to travel all of those miles you gotta at least aim for the head once you’re there.  You owe it to yourself.

By the way, if the ex-husband had landed the kill shot on his wife’s new lover there’s no way she doesn’t fall back in love with him.  Girls love a guy who can physically dominate another guy in an animalistic way.  Most girls won’t admit it but they do.  They’re embarrassed by their base feeling.  But I promise you she’d be scratching her turntable and visiting him in prison if he’d killed her new boyfriend.