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A Deeper Look Into Greg Robinson's Lack Of Logistical Preparation, Is Drug Running 101.

Somewhere there's a Mexican Cleveland Browns fan living in Juarez, laughing at Greg Robinson. "Este Pendejo!" Pro drug runners are shaking their heads in disappointment. Im assuming they love to see an outstanding citizen in U.S professional sports make a run at that life style. Something to talk about at the drug smuggling, water cooler. 

Imagine thinking you have the perfect cover, you're in the NFL. You're not a loudmouth erratic wide out, You're an offensive tackle, living under the radar. Drafted by St. Louis in 2014/15 where weed was still a misdemeanor, only to move to LA with the Rams where you can finally freely buy weed by the pound if you have the funds. I'm assuming Robinson has been smoking weed since high school/college. So moving to L.A after growing up in Thibodaux, Louisiana, College at Auburn, NFL in Missouri, L.A must have been like Disneyland for a closet stoner. Not having the feeling that life is over if you're caught with a joint must have been great. Just a huge relief. Even with NFL weed policy, I'm sure he felt a lot more free. Then add 6 seasons of NFL paychecks and the big money side hustle ideas start to form. 

Obviously I'm speculating about his weed usage growing up and in his 20's. I didn't grow up with him so I actually can't confirm any of that. But as a life long stoner, It just doesn't seem logical for a guy to just hop in the weed game, grab 158 pounds in Los Angeles, then head back to your hometown in Thibodaux, to set up a full scale operation. 158 pounds is a strong operation that will possibly lead to people getting hurt. 

After doing a little research about Drug crime stats in Thibodaux, Louisiana, Robinson was simply looking to fill a void. Last summer the cops in that city launched a 4 month long sting op. Resulting in 43 arrests. Street level drug pushing and higher.

There is money to be made if you have a team of old homies on the street pushing ounces, back home.

 Here are the current weed prices in the state of Louisiana.  

This city was in need, and Robinson along side long time homie, Auburn teammate, Ex-Colt, Quan Bray were going to take over Robinson's hometown weed game. ( Again, speculative theory.) 

I'm assuming since this whole plan came together so easy, not having to worry about the weed connect or the cash flow, they just assumed they would pack up and head out with zero issues. Never once thinking about the fact they are riding straight into 1950's style police state that is Texas. Not just Texas, but we are talking about blindly taking 158 lbs of weed through the drug bust capitol of the U.S. 30 miles outside El Paso. The Sierra Blanca Border Patrol checkpoint. 

A few simple Google searches, a little logistics preparation, and anyone about to drive through the most anti-weed stretch of Highway in America, I-10, would have diverted to a route more suited for drug trafficking. If that detail is attended to, Greg and Quan would be unloading 72 keys at the homies garage right about now. 

This is the location where we've seen some of our favorite stoners throughout time get popped. Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Snoop Dogg, Fiona Apple, just to name a few. It's literally where tour buses get searched with a passion of young agents looking to move up through the ranks.

While on tour with Gabriel Iglesias between 2010-2014, we regularly went through Border Patrol Checkpoints. From Yuma, AZ, to Sierra Blanca, down to Mcallen. They're not playing around and there is no such thing as getting a pass if your a celeb. These guys don't care. 

Once we went through there on the tour bus in 2013. Some guy from a show in Phoenix had given me a few blunts. The tour bus driver Dave told us to make sure to have those blunts gone before we hit the check point. We thought it would be funny to smoke the last blunt on the bus and drive through the check point. The bus reeked of weed, and nobody had any actually weed on them anymore, but as we pulled into the checkpoint, 8 drug dogs were going absolutely ham. Before we even pulled into the checkpoint they were waiving us to secondary inspection. We all had to get out and go inside. (Not Fluffy, as he didn't stay on the bus from Monday - Thursday. Powerful people go home during the week while on tour to handle important people shit.) Only the minions were left on the bus to travel to the next set of cities that following weekend. 

They took about an hour searching the bus, and called us into rooms individually to ask where the weed was. We reiterated that didn't have any, so nobody was lying. It was actually pretty funny. As we all sat in their little station waiting for the search to finish I remember it being extremely quiet, and I asked the Border Patrol officer, "How successful would you say these searches are, typically?" It got huge laugh with the boys, but surprisingly, not so much with the agents. I'm assuming they were pissed when they realized we didn't have shit on us and there was nothing to bust anyone for. So we piled back on the bus, stoned out of our minds and keep on trucking to the next set on cities. 

Here is the route Greg and Quan should have taken.  L.A to Phx to Albuquerque to Lubbock to Dallas, straight on to Louisiana. Always avoid Oklahoma where they still hang people for parking tickets and always avoid the Mexican border for obvious reasons. 

Oh well. Shit always doesn't go as planned. Life is wild. If there is a lesson to be learned here is there is no such thing as too much preparation. Especially when millions of dollars, and your entire life is on the line. Be better guys. A lot of people are walking around the state of Louisiana not stoned due to basic logistical negligence. 

( Also. I apologize for my 5th grade writing skill set. I proudly did English 100 and 101 twice. )

Thats all.