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I'm A Lot of Things But An Integrity Violator Isnt One

One of the most difficult aspects of being so public about my life is that people know my struggles. People know that I love a good bottle of wine and several breakfast sandwiches from McDonalds or Chickfila. That's fine. Am I in the best shape of my life? Absolutely not. But, to be called an integrity violator on ZBT was too much. I've dropped 27lbs since January 1st and Connor cant handle it. He's upset that I'm losing weight like he is hair. A lot. 

But, that's the beauty of ZBT. We keep each other accountable. We tell Kate to improve her diet and to stop rippin cigs. We tell Bren that he has anger issues and not stop clapping back on twitter like a teenager. We tell Connor that no cares about West Point football enough to hear about it every week. We tell Kyle that he's an IT nerd who is basically a tinfoil hat guy at this point. 

We do all that while also getting together and agreeing that Russia can go fuck themselves. 

Check out the best military show on the planet. This week was a full episode. We also talked about the 75th anniversary of Iwo Jima.